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Using VMware’s Cloud Foundation, ESXi, Fusion or Workstation?

Do this: Apply the latest VMware security patches now.
Why: A malicious actor with access to a virtual machine can exploit a vulnerability in the CD-ROM device emulation functionality, in conjunction with other issues, to execute code on the hypervisor.
Additional Info: https://threatpost.com/unpatched-vmware-bug-hypervisor-takeover/177428/

Using Norton360 Antivirus?

Do this: Be aware that the product contains a crypto miner that you can enable on your machine, for a 15% fee to Norton (of course).
Why: Cryptomining is extrememly intensive on computer hardware and could lead to premature hardware failure. In addition, there are security risks associated with cryptomining and scams for users that aren't familiar with how digital coins work. Moreover, with this feature, some users have reported difficulty turning it off, once it has been enabled.
Additional Info: More info... https://krebsonsecurity.com/2022/01/norton-360-now-comes-with-a-cryptominer/

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